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Cardamom Indonesia spices wholesale supplier and exporter. If pepper is the “King of Spices” then cardamom is the “Queen of Spices”. One of the most exotic and highly prized spices, Green Cardamom or White Cardamom has a history that is as old as human civilization. Most of the farmers cultivate local cardamom in Indonesia is White Cardamom or Java cardamom (Amomum compactum) yellow-whitish in color and round in shape. The pod contains several brown seeds.

Cardamom known as ‘Kapulaga‘ in Indonesia. The best quality was then carefully separated by specially appointed and skilled labourers, and earmarked for export. This process was so skilled and localised that it became impossible to replicate it anywhere else.

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Cardamom Specification

Cardamom Specification


* Origin : Indonesia
* Style : Dried
* Color : Natural Grey
* Shape  : whole
* Moisture : 20 % Max
* Size : 5 mm – 8 mm
* Live insects : negative
* Clean Cardamom : 96.40 %
* Damage cardamom  : 4.62 %
* Foreign Matter : Nil
* Packing : 25 kg or 50 kg PP bag with plastic inside
* Supply ability  : 100 mt / month

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Cardamom Detail

Cardamom is a spice that human beings have used for hundreds of years each in cooking and as a medicine. Originally a not unusualplace factor in Middle Eastern and Arabic foods, cardamom has additionally won recognition withinside the west.

Cardamom comes from the seeds of numerous exclusive plant life that belong to the identical own circle of relatives as ginger. It has a one of a kind taste that enhances each candy and savory dishes. People might also additionally use cardamom seeds and pods in curries, desserts, and meat dishes, in addition to in beverages, which include espresso and chai tea.

People may take cardamom as a complement for its fitness benefits. Cardamom carries phytochemicals which have anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Researchers have performed numerous small research on cardamom, the findings of which propose that it has a few fitness benefits. Although those research are promising, huge and managed human research are important earlier than healthcare specialists can advise cardamom to deal with clinical problems.

Cardamom is used to spice each candy and savory dishes. It is broadly hired in Indian, Middle Eastern, Arabic, and Swedish cuisine. It is available in kinds and is used as entire pods, seeds, or ground. Cardamom is located withinside the garam masala spice combination that seasons meat and vegetable dishes, and in warm liquids which includes masala chai and Turkish coffee.

Cardamom is a spice crafted from the seed pods of numerous vegetation withinside the ginger family. Cardamom pods are spindle-formed and feature a triangular cross-section. The pods incorporate some of seeds, however the whole cardamom pod may be used entire or ground. The seeds are small and black, at the same time as the pods range in colour and length via way of means of species.

Varieties of Cardamom

There are most important forms of cardamom: black cardamom and inexperienced cardamom, and there may be additionally white cardamom that is a bleached model of inexperienced cardamom. Green cardamom is the sort located most usually in Nordic and Middle Eastern cuisine, whilst recipes in India and Asia will frequently specify whether or not inexperienced or black cardamom is used.

Green cardamom (Elettaria cardamomom)

Referred to as actual cardamom. This is the maximum not unusualplace range you may see bought withinside the spice aisle of the supermarket. It is the pinnacle desire for candy dishes however additionally works nicely in savory dishes. The bleached model, white cardamom, has much less flavor. It is grown in tropical regions such as India, Malaysia, and Costa Rica.

Black cardamom (Amomum subulatum)

Has large pods which can be darkish brown. It has a smoky detail that makes it greater suitable for savory dishes, however it’s far utilized in candy dishes as nicely in southern India. It is grown withinside the jap Himalayas.

Cardamom is located in Indian cooking in addition to Middle Eastern cuisine. In Indian recipes, entire cardamom pods are utilized in getting ready basmati rice and numerous curries. In Middle Eastern recipes, floor cardamom spices positive desserts.

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